Bedroom Remodeling ideas

If you’ve decided it’s time to give your boring, dated bathroom a much needed upgrade, then you’ve probably been scouring the internet and magazines trying to decide just what kind of bathroom remodel you want. Modern amenities like heated floors and floor-to-ceiling tile might seem like the stuff of design dreams, but in reality a bathroom remodel can be affordable, achievable and still impressive. Here’s a list of the top bathroom remodel ideas that will add some serious wow-factor to your lavatory update.

  1. Consider a floating sink

Those wooden vanities with tacky gold drawer-pulls and cheap stain are things of the past. Today’s modern bathrooms recognize that the sink is the most used item in the room and should be given special attention. Unique floating sinks like this one add decor and style while still maintaining function. You can choose from beautiful white porcelain for a modern look, or show off some personal style with cool colored glass. Either way, your guests won’t be able to stop admiring this improved approach to a bathroom staple.

  1. Install a walk-in shower

Tub-shower combos might seem like the ultimate tag team, but they do nothing for design. Ditch the moldy shower curtain and install a beautiful walk-in shower that will make your bathroom feel bigger immediately. Walk-in showers on the same level as the existing floor make the room feel more open, and you can use a tile pattern you like for continuity throughout. And while you’re at it, upgrade your shower head as well. A rain shower head (like these: is the ultimate kind of luxury your bathroom remodel needs.

  1. Make room for natural light, or at least nice artificial lighting

In the past it seemed like windows in the bathroom were a no-no, but with the right window treatment they can be enough to offer privacy and improve the atmosphere. Dark, dingy bathrooms don’t feel clean or inviting, but a bright space with natural light instantly looks more modern. If adding a window or skylight isn’t on the agenda, then at least make an investment in a good quality lighting system. The brightness will impact your mood and the overall feel of your bathroom remodel.

  1. Use smart storage

You can store your bathroom products nicely without putting them on display. Purchase nice rattan baskets to store extra towels, and collect uniform bins for bathroom products. Don’t let your nice new vanity get crowded with toothbrushes and hair pins. Instead make use of smart storage systems that hide your products and contribute to the overall design. Using a reclaimed ladder (like this one:^43832182411-device^c-plaid^91704307771-sku^6887694-adType^PLA&gclid=Cj0KEQjwnv27BRCmuZqMg_Ddmt0BEiQAgeY1l6gEICY50c_vPYdVqvDa5yl4DPFqrhXQZF90-oThzdMaAj4z8P8HAQ&cm_ite=Google%20Base-6887694&cm_pla=Feed&cm_cat=Shopping&catalogId=8&bnrid=3380801&sku=6887694&cm_ven=Google_PLA) can add a rustic feel to an otherwise modern setup.

  1. Upgrade your linens

If you are making an effort to revamp your bathroom, then don’t just stop at the big design elements. Sure new tile and a shower makeover are huge improvements, but once it’s all finished you also want you towels to fit the part. Instead of reintroducing your old, bleached, scratchy bath towels, invest in some good quality items that compliment the look of your new bathroom. Feel free to mix patterns and solids to create a complimentary style. You can find a great selection of unique prints here:, or some simple classic styles here: You wouldn’t remodel your bedroom and