Choosing Blueberries to Grow at your Garden

In the age of healthy living, berries have grown in popularity and the demand is skyrocketing. Unfortunately Blueberries are seasonal and demand is not always met. During the winter, blueberries are scarce and finding good blueberries can be daunting. The good news is that there is the option of planting a blueberry right at the comfort of your home since it is fairly easy to grow. The best thing about Blueberries is that you can store them for seasons when berries are scarce. So here are a few tips on how to choose the right blueberry plant for your home.

Test the soil

In general plants grow well in different conditions and blueberries are no different. By testing the soil you will know which variety is best suited for your home. Soil conditions are different in different areas your soil may be acidic or lacking minerals that are vital for the growth of blueberries.

Purpose of the blueberries

If you are planting blues berries for commercial purposes then look for a variety that is known to mature faster than others. Also choose the ones that are more productive for longer such as the powder blue variety.


Most, if not all, blueberries require pollinators. When choosing the type of blueberry bush to grow, research on the best cross pollinators for that variety so that you can get the best out of your berry bushes. A good example is the Tifblue variety which is a common pollinator for most other variety.


Just like most aspects in life, quality is very important. To get the best out of blueberries look for the one that is known for the quality in the fruits. The taste and the durability in terms of how long the fruit will last after harvest should be a factor when choosing a blueberry plant.