Carpet Installation: What to Expect

You have been planning to buy a new carpet so as to change your flooring. Everything is ready and the day of installation is near. You have to be prepared for what is to come so that you may avoid possible injuries to you and your family. Be prepared early so that the installation process will go as smoothly as possible.

A lot of tools

Carpet installation involves stretching, cutting and possibly chiseling. In this case expect that whoever is doing the installation will be there with a lot of tools that may cause injury if not handled carefully of if a child happens to stumble on them. Wear protective gear if you will be part of the installation or keep clear of the site.

Furniture moving

Obviously installing your carpet will need a clear room. This means that either you or the company installing your carpet will have to move the furniture so as to ensure the carpet is installed without a hitch. Make sure delicate furniture are handled carefully as they are being moved.


Carpet and padding leftovers are the main features of carpet installation. Since there will be an area that will need adjustments so that the carpet fits as it should, leftovers should be expected. So as to avoid a messy room, you may have to provide the installer with bags to store the leftovers just in case you need them in the future or so that it may be easy to throw them away.

Noise and air pollution

The tools to be used in the installation process will be very noisy. The power tools such as the stretcher might be one of the culprits. Most carpets have a very strong odor when they are installed so do not be alarmed.