Creating the Perfect Patio

There’s nothing like spending time outside on your porch or patio. It’s the place we relax after a long day, entertain friends on a summer night, or enjoy our morning coffee as the sun rises. Patios are great for extending the comfort of your home to the great outdoors. You can bring in many design element and décor that make spending time outside enjoyable. Whether it’s seating, additional privacy, or beautiful plants, creating the perfect porch or patio can make any house feel like home.


Seating is the component to building your ideal outdoor space. You go outside to relax and be comfortable, so pick seating that does just that. Many outdoor chairs come with removable weatherproof cushions.

When choosing seating, consider how your outdoor space will be used. If it’s small and will only be enjoyed by one or two people, pick a bench or swing. These are options are stationary, but you’ll be able to position them wherever you get the best view. If you plan on entertaining a lot, choose seating that can easily be rearranged to encourage interaction and conversation. This includes smaller lawn chairs or a patio set with a table and chairs that allows everyone to sit around together.


Lighting sets the mood for many occasions; outdoor entertainment should be no different. It’s best to choose dim lights that maintain the ambience of the evening. String or rope lights, like these lights sold on Amazon, are stylish yet functional.

You could also go with natural light made my fire or candles. Lanterns are good low-cost option since you don’t have to worry about plugging them in. If you have a bit more space, consider purchasing a fire pit to emit both light and heat.


Sometimes being outdoors doesn’t provide all of the privacy you’d like. Luckily, there are many options that add a sense of peace without a lot of work. Pay a visit to your local garden center to see what kinds of tall plants they offer. Purchase enough to build a natural screen by placing them in pots and lining them up next to each other to reduce visibility.

If your patio has an overhang from the roof, consider attaching curtain rods and hanging curtains for added privacy. Home Depot makes it very easy with these detailed instructions.

There are also many tutorials on sites like Pinterestthat use pallets and lattice to make standalone walls that you can put up around your patio.


Last but not least, make your porch or patio unique to your style. Add elements that you enjoy, like containers of your favorite flowers or birdhouses so you can watch the wildlife.

Wreaths are great ways to add personality to your front porch. You can change them with the season or add personal touches, like address numbers and initials.Bring color to the outdoors. Pop your favorite hue or pattern with weatherproof throw pillows or an indoor/outdoor rug. These types of pieces also add an extra level of comfort. Creating the perfect outdoor space for relaxing makes your home that much more comfortable and inviting. Your yard is your domain, don’t be afraid to let you personality show through.