bonsai garden

Displaying Your Bonsai Garden

As you become more and more proud of your bonsai garden, you’ll inevitably want to show it off, and you should! However, you need to consider how you will protect it, both from the elements and from theft. You want to have a happy, healthy garden that doesn’t end up in someone else’s yard!

bonsai garden

The first step in displaying your garden is to keep it off the ground. Displaying your bonsai garden on a table or stand helps reduce the risk of bugs and other pests, as well threats from children and pets. Each time you place your bonsai on the ground, you increase the risk that it could become bug food. Keep your bonsai elevated and you’ll greatly improve its chances for a long and healthy life.

The next step is ensuring that each bonsai has plenty of sunlight and space. Believe it or not, many bonsai trees require a specific amount of space to “breathe” as well as to make sure its getting enough light. Crowding your trees together can reduce the amount of sun each of them receives, which can reduce their vitality and even open them up to infestation. A strong and healthy bonsai is far more resistant to bugs, and proper sunlight goes a long way to promoting good health.

Next, you want to work on the aesthetics of your garden. You’ve spent months growing and shaping your trees, and you want to make sure you’re showing off the trees and not the stand! It’s best to choose something as plain and unassuming as possible, to keep the attention where it belongs. A simple, unfinished table is generally a good choice. Not only should the stand be plain, it should also be stable so as to ensure it doesn’t fall over. I’ve been to big, beautiful, bonsai gardens that place their trees on simple picnic tables. The trees are safely displayed, and you don’t give the tables a second look.