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Top 4 Flooring Trends in 2017

If you look at any room in your home, what do you think is the boldest decorative statement? Perhaps your light fixture or wall color clicks in your mind. However, flooring can have a significant in your house more than you can imagine.

flooring trends

2017 décor trends point to natural and sustainable materials. This is the right opportunity to upgrade your house flooring into something better. Note that durability is an important factor to consider when upgrading your floor. Here are a few trendy ideas on upgrading floors in 2017.

Kitchen flooring ideas

Among all the rooms in your house, kitchen is among the most important rooms. If you intend to upgrade your kitchen flooring, you will need to select a replacement that is durable.

luxury vinyl flooring

Luxury vinyl floor is among the best options you have for your kitchen floor. Gone are the days when tacky looking kitchen flooring was the top décor. You need something more stylish and durable for your kitchen. In 2017, luxury vinyl flooring is going to be a hot trend. It offers the look of tile and hardwood without costing much. Besides, it is easy to clean vinyl and it is available in a broad variety.

Another great option for kitchen flooring is tiles. Tiles are easy to clean. A great choice when it comes to choosing tiles, ceramic tile flooring is great option.

Bathroom flooring ideas

A bathroom is a high-traffic and high-moisture area. Therefore, getting the right flooring for your bathroom is crucial. Tiles are perfect flooring option for any home owner.  This is because tiles can withstand foot traffic and cannot be damaged by the moisture.

geometric bathroom tiles

Some of the bathroom tiles ideas include geometric shapes such as rectangles and octagons. Besides, you can choose colors that impress you including gray, sky blue, chocolate, and more.  Tile that doesn’t seem like a tile is making its way into our bathrooms in 2017. For example, cement and marble are almost similar and can be perfect in flooring.

Hardwood flooring

hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is an option that will never go out style. But the type of wood and finish will determine the famous choices of 2017. Wide plank wood floors and Bamboo hardwood floors are some of the popular flooring trends of 2017. When it comes to wood type and stain, you may need to choose dark hardwoods or ultra-light blonde.

The trends discussed in this article will make it easier for you to upgrade your floors into something better.